The Benefits Of Using A Spawning Mop

A spawning mop is a great way to make your life easier when breeding with goldfish. You get different types of yarn. I prefer using 100% acrylic yarn, as I want to ensure the natural fibers or artificial dyes of the yarn don’t start decomposing in the water and harm my fish. I limit the release of anything unwanted by leaving my newly created spawning mop in boiling water before use.

Below, I will go over all the benefits I discovered while using my homemade spawning mop compared to using live plants.

  • Yarn doesn’t require light like living plants, so your spawning tank setup doesn’t require additional lighting.
  • Yarn is cheap and easily acquired; sometimes, you can struggle to get the right live plants or keep them alive long enough.
  • A spawning mop is customizable to your tank and requirements.
  • It is swift and easy to make.
  • It is easier to remove and transfer than live plants.
  • A spawning mop can be reused multiple times.
  • You can easily see the laid eggs on the spawning mop (the color of the yarn could influence visibility)
  • The eggs laid during spawning can easily attach to the yarn.
  • Removing the eggs from the yarn is easy if you want to transfer them individually.
  • You can clean your mop and pack it away until needed for your next round of fish breeding.
Basic Homemade Yarn Spawning Mop For Goldfish Breeding

It’s fantastic that a spawning mop is customizable to your tank’s size or requirements. You can create a more extended mop if you have a deep tank. Spawning your fish in a container can make a shorter mop that suits your container. Using a spawning mop for your live fish babies can create denser or multiple mops.

Some people prefer to remove all the fertilized eggs from their spawning mop, especially if they have a breeding container that they want to see the fry better in. This isn’t necessary at all and is entirely up to you.

Please don’t use tweezers to remove the fertilized eggs, as you can damage the eggs quickly. You will notice the eggs are quite sticky and will easily adhere to your fingertips. To release the eggs from my fingertips, I usually transfer them directly to their breeding tank, which has some Java Moss plants.

If you have a spawning tank and a tank where you will grow your fry, you can easily remove the spawning mop from the spawning tank and drop it into the hatching tank. Leave your spawning mop in your hatching tank until all the babies have hatched. You can remove and replace it with a less dense spawning mop or live plants.

You have many different options for spawning mops that you can make at home. I advise experimenting with the various options and seeing what works best for you and your tank setup.

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