Best Betta Fish Tank Mates

We all want a beautiful Betta fish, but we don’t necessarily want only one fish in our tank. So, what fish can you keep with your aggressive Betta fish to add color and visual interest to your tank? Here, we will answer that question to help you achieve a peaceful community tank.

When looking for tank mates for your Betta, looking at fish or invertebrates with similar temperature requirements and companions that aren’t aggressive or territorial is best.

Here are a few things you would like to avoid when getting your Betta fish a tank mate:

  • Avoid fish that would nip at your Bettas flowing fins and tail.
  • Avoid putting more than one male Betta into a tank.
  • Avoid adding a male guppy or any fish resembling the male Betta.
  • Avoid faster swimming fish that would compete for food.
  • Avoid larger and more aggressive fish.
  • Avoid a bare tank with no plants or hiding spots.

Can A Male And Female Betta Live Together?

The short answer is maybe. It all depends on the individual fish; like humans, we all have different personalities. Sometimes, a male and female betta can live together. Unfortunately, this is usually not possible, and only in the short term is it possible for Betta fish breeding purposes.

You will see your bettas fighting and acting stressed, with the female Betta usually trying to hide in a corner away from the male Betta. If you see these behaviors, it is best to remove her immediately.

If your tank has many hiding spots and plants (live or plastic), you could always try to see if your fish are compatible, but as soon as you see any signs of aggression, it is best to remove the female fish before any injuries can occur.

What Size Tank Do I Need For My Betta Community Tank?

I suggest a 30-gallon tank (113.5 liters) as the minimum size for a planted tank, including a Betta fish and other fish. This size would allow ample hiding spots for your fish and be suitable for a Betta sorority tank.

If you currently have a 5-gallon fish tank (18.9 liters) with a Betta, I wouldn’t recommend adding any additional fish. There wouldn’t be enough space for fish to hide at this size, even if the other fish prefer to stay lower in the tank. You can, however, add some live plants, a few shrimps, or a snail.

If you currently have a 10-gallon fish tank (37.8 liters), you can include fish that like to live in the lower levels. I would still recommend plants for a few hiding spots, but tank mate options include small loaches, catfish, snails, shrimp, and even a frog.

Betta With Tank Mates

The Best Betta Fish Tank Mates List

As mentioned before, each Betta fish has its own personality, which might be a little trial and error at first. Incorporating live plants for hiding spaces is a great way to ensure a peaceful community fish tank.

Here is a list of all the recommended fish, invertebrates, and amphibians that would work as great companions in your Betta fish tank.

  1. Tetras (Quantity 10-12)
    • Ember Tetra
    • Neon Tetra
    • Green Neon Tetra
    • Lemon Tetra
    • Silvertip Tetra
    • Ruby Tetra
    • Purple Tetra
  2. Rasboras (Quantity 8-10)
    • Harlequin Rasbora
    • Chili Rasbora
    • Kubotai Rasbora
    • Neon Green Rasbora
    • Neon Blue Rasbora
    • Neon Red Rasbora
    • Espei Rasbora / Lambchop Rasbora
  3. Danios (Quantity 10-12)
    • Celestial Pearl Danio
    • Gold Ring Danio / Danio Tinwini
  4. Catfish (Quantity 1/2)
    • Corydoras Julii
    • Bronze Corydoras
    • Panda Corydoras
    • Cory Catfish / Quarry Catfish
    • Otocinclus / Dwarf Suckers
    • Bristlenose Pleco
    • Whiptail Catfish / Twig Catfish
  5. Gudgeons (2-8)
    • Peacock Gudgeon / Peacock Goby
  6. Loaches (5-8)
    • Kuhli Loach / Eel Loach
    • Clown Loach
    • Yoyo Loach / Almora Loach
    • Zebra Loach
  7. Platies (3-6)
    • Panda Platy
    • Mickey Mouse Platy
    • Rainbow Platy
    • Gold Platy
    • Sunset Platy
    • Tuxedo Platy
  8. Invertebrates: Aquarium Snails (1-5)
  9. Invertebrates: Aquarium Shrimp (10-15)
    • Cherry Shrimp
    • Amano Shrimp
    • Bamboo Shrimp
    • Ghost Shrimp
  10. Amphibians (2-4)
    • African Dwarf Frog

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