What Do Baby Black Moor Fish Look Like? (Fantails Too)

After nearly four months, I can tell you they have more characteristics of the calico mother than the Black Moor father.

I also have to mention that the mother fish was sold to me as a fantail, but the older she got, the more I realized she was a mix of something. I suspect she is a mixed calico Rhyukin Fantail, possibly.

Keeping her mix in mind, I didn’t have great success with the number of babies surviving the past two months. Also, Barry didn’t help the situation as he grew more considerable than the rest and started eating some of his brothers and sisters. He was later added to his parent’s tank to feel how it felt to be the small fish in the big pond.

You will notice I refer to the babies as he or she, but please note I am just doing so as Barry has male energy, and Wonder gives me girl vibes. I will eventually discover who is male and female as they get older.

The Problems

Two paler-looking babies that survived Barry (nom nom) started developing a bubble in their tummy. It was visible thanks to their light-colored bodies. I also only had this issue with the fish that looked like they lacked color, so it must have been poor genetics.

Unfortunately, these two babies had impaired kidney function and later went to Fishy Heaven. Apart from the kidney issues, Barrys’ growth rate was extraordinary. Barry seemed like he was months older than the rest, then Wonder (my favorite) was not too far behind him, then in 3rd place we have Unknown, and in last place Spot, who was still too small to join the big tank.

I am looking forward to my two Black Moors having babies, and I am sure the success rate will be far better than what I experienced with these accidental babies.

Possible Causes Of The Problems

I was scared I could have been the reason for the kidney failure, but I took care to do daily water changes and remove excess food after feeding.

I also made sure to feed them quality baby food the petshop recommended. I also added some deshelled mashed peas for them a few times weekly.

With the care I took with their water quality and food, I have to lay it down to their genetics and the mixed genes of the mom fish, which caused some problems. I am speculating, but that seems like the most logical conclusion.

Two Fish In Tank With Plants
Barry, The Fish

The Calico Rhyukin Fantain Black Moor Babies


Barry, the biggest out of all the babies, has a single tail, and on one side of his body, he has two black stripes running down from his dorsal down to the one side of his pelvic fin. On the other side, he also has black features on his body, but more orange colors are showing.

He also has little bits of a scale or two here and there that have a pearlescent shine, which is beautiful.

Two Sides Of One Fish In Planted Tank
The Two Sides Of Wonder


Wonder is the only one of the babies that has a double tail. She has a “dark side” and a “light side”. Her dark side features one black eye and one solid black stripe from her top fin down to her belly. On her light side, she has a normal fishy eye and is orange in color over her body, with the red gills showing off beautifully.

The cute thing is that she has a black stripe over her top lip on her light side, which resembles a mustache. She is my favorite to look at.

One Small Fish In Planted Tank With Decorations
Unknown, The Fish


Unknown doesn’t have a real name yet, as she/he has no real personality or characteristics that have come through yet. Unknown also has a single tail with black accents here and there. Unknown has an orange color on her head and tail area, but in the middle, it has calico features like her mom with an almost see-through white body.

Unknown also has a little spot over her right eye, but not as noticeable as Spots’ “eye patch.”


The little one still in her breeder net in the big tank is just not big enough yet to be set free to join the rest of her/his family. Unfortunately, due to the net, it’s not easy to see this fish’s features, but Spots’ body appears primarily white, with a black/brown spot over the left eye and a small spot on the tail.

Spot also only has a single tail; I am excited for Spot to get to a size where more of his/her features can be seen.

One Small Fish In Breeder Net
Spot, The Fish

Future Updates

I will continue to update you on the changes and characteristics I see. I was hoping one of them could maybe have telescope eyes like their daddy, but there has been no luck in that department.

The babies continue to grow daily, and more colors seem to appear as they get older. I look forward to seeing how they will look in a few months and closer to their one-year mark.

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